Halloween Means Life Day Has Occurred

Orange you glad you dressed up for Halloween?

Page Three - We celebrated Life Day #22 At Disneyland With Family

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These few shots are a summary of Life Day which you can visit on Sue's Homepages . We visited California Adventure then over to Disneyland and finally had a superbe dinner at Catal with all the family. We did miss Colleen, Jon, and Connor but they either work or likfe 3,000 miles away!

But wait, what is Life Day? Twenty-three years ago we got the news that Sue had serious lung cancer and was NOT expect to survive but more that a few months. It was small-cell (oat cell) inoperable cancer. Not taking "No for and answer" we pushed hard and turned over every rock. By the grance of God, we are here twenty-two years later celebrating beating cancer.

Robin has been joining us for many many years! It's TRADITION!

Here we are in Frontierland facing the unknown

Right on time! 5:00 PM and we head for Catal, another nineteen year tradition

All is well

Surrounded by family...Best place to be!

We depart for the rest of the week will be busy!