Halloween 2012

Twenty-Twelve And It Is Time For Halloween

The Season Is Upon Us... Christmas Is 60 Days Away... Scary!

Did You Know? -
On Halloween, what bothers some
About these witches, is how come
In sailing, through the air, like bats
They never seem, to lose their hats?

Hitchhiking owls, as we have seen,
Ride nicely on this queer machine...
Another thing: if brooms can fly,
Do witches keep them handy-by?

~David McCord (1897–1997), "Witch's Broom Notes"

First things first.... Carving the punkin's. We decided to go to lunch with the family and then head to our house to attack the punkin's and see what we could do in the way of artistic carving.

That evening, we headed to the Santa Ana Elks for the annual Halloween Ball.

Halloween we are going to try dancing at the Alpine Village as it gets boring around the house since we receive few trick-or-treaters.

Click the image for the fill 2400px by 1800px view

We had a load of fun!

We carved the Pumpkins Saturday afternoon

Off to the Santa Ana Elks

Warning Sign