Halloween 2009

Eat, drink and be scary. ~Author unknown

Something New In 2009


We are doing some different things this year

Although the family is now smaller with divorces and military deployments, we still enjoy getting with the family for an evening of fun and visiting!

This year we are going to do something different... Go out and have a ball at the Elks Lodge Annual Halloween Ball in Santa Ana! We are going with Vicky and Del Kuhn, our next door neighbors.

We are lucky since Dave will be across the street keeping an eye on our places while we are gone!

We will start out with pumpkin carving with Jeanette and Robin and the boys and then go to Fiorito's for dinner!  Saturday we join the gang for a real costume party!

The Carving Of Jack O' Lanterns

Join us the the carving activities , folowed by the viewing and admiration session , and finally dinner at Fiorito's.

The Gang
We worked on the pumpkins for about two hours

Time to admire our handiwork!
Time to admire the handiwork!

Dinner at Fio Riots
Dinner is served at Fiorito's

Halloween At Old Ranch!

Old Ranch Halloween 2009
See the staff in ther costumes

Off To The Costume Party With The Gang!

The Elks put on quite an affair with about 200+ people!

Paul & Sue   VickyDel
Paul & Sue with Vicky and Del

Donna & Bob   Lee and Marcia
Donna & Bob and Leon & Marcia

Nita and Lee   Gladys and Vnce
Nita & Lee and Gladys & Vance

Cartoons Of Our Times

It is 2009 and this is the way it is

Mixing pumkins and alcohol