2010 Santa Barbara Vino Train Adventure Introduction

Time for a train ride with friends

We Rode The Wine Choo-Choo In 2010 (Introduction Page One)

It certainly was!

Trains and wine... What a combination! Several of us got together for a trip filled with friendship and fun.  We are rode an original 1940's lounge car ( Overland Trail ) and a 1956 doamed coach ( Silver Spendor ).  Check the itinerary!

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Destination: Santa Barbara Wineries (And Sightseeing) Here We Come!

Vino Train
Ride the rails

The Santa Barbara Daylight Vino Train is just the ticket for us as a day of escape to the beautiful city of Santa Barbara and the surrounding wine country on California's South Central Coast is just what the doctor ordered!

The special day will be filled with wonderful adventure, great food, super friends and lots of premium wine tasting!

Breakfast and light dinner on board will make the adventure even more wonderful!

The  wine tasting will take place right in down town Santa Barbara led by n experienced guide, Tom Anderson. The tours are fun, educational and will tantalize your taste buds!

See The Quick Summary Of 2010...

Departure From LA And Arrival At Santa Barbara

Page 1 - Getting On Board | Page 2 - Departing Los Angeles | Page 3 - Arrival At Santa Barbara

Everyone made it!

On board and the Conductor (Bill) makes the announcements

Breakfast was served and we arrive in Santa Barbara

Pre-Lunch Activities (Wine Tasting, What Else?)

Page 4 - Pre-Lunch At The Kunin Winery | Page 5 - Pre-Lunch At The Santa Barbara Winery

Talbot's and Henche's were already at Kunin Winery!

Everybody was happy by the time we got to the Santa Barbata Winery

Stop Tasting, Start Drinking - It's Lunch Time

Page 6 - Lunch Time: Stop Tasting And Start Drinking!

Everybody found a great place to eat

On the waterfront

After Lunch Sightseeing And A Few More Wineries

Page 7 - Back To The Wineries | Page 8 - Back To The Wineries Page Two

We saw three additional wineries after lunch

All within walking distance of the train station

Back To The Train And The Ride Home

Page 9 - Awaiting The Train | Page 10 - Returning Home | Page 11 - Returning Home And Arrival In Los Angeles

Back on board... Time to eat and cavort

Things that happen on the train stay on the train... We hope