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Our website is a fairly large site (about 1.240,438 MB) which has been generated over a period of twenty five years.

The site undergoes additions, deletions, and refreshing on a continual basis based upon reported errors, ideas from friends, the latest technologies and quirky ideas of its brilliant and never satisfied developer. No modesty intended. Paul is 77 and uses the website to keep the ol' brain engaged and continually learning!

Today this site has about 13,000 HTML pages and 3900 dynamic database generated pages from the Daily Diary . Our Daily Diary now goes back to 2007 with thousands of entries. We have over 100 "sub-sites" and we keep them indexed.

Our Web changes somewhere everyday as we correct, add too, or modify pages. We also keep club history for our four dance clubs, Toppers, Starlighters, Nightlighters, and Rondeliers.

We attempt to keep the links refreshed on a regular basis. The links on this page were verified 11/6/2021.

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