Halloween 2014: A Visit To Rogers Gardens

Spooky Is As Spooky Does

We Got An Early Start This Year (Page One)

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The following is a page-by-page description of Halloween 2014. Please enjoy all the fun with friends and family.   It's a busy time but seeing the family together with kids, grand kids just makes the season special.

Page 2 (Roger's Gardens)

- On October 1st we began the season with a visit to Roger's Gardens to see the early Christmas displays.  We gravitated toward Halloween and enjoyed the visit!

Page 3 (Picking Apples At Oak Glen)

We had a day available so we decided to go to Oak Glen on October 21st and bring home some pumpkins and perhaps eat a few apples also!

A day at 5,000 feet in the mountains is always refreshing

Page 4 (Life Day Seventeen)

We celebrate Sue being cancer free for seventeen years and of course, we go to Disneyland!  The Happiest Place On Earth!  Robin, Bob, and Nick have gone with us for years to join in on the celebration.

We stopped for a picture before going to Catal for dinner

Page 5 (Lunch Before Pumpkin Carving)

Prior to carving the pumpkins we all join together at a local restaurant to "plan the attack" and enjoy good food and friendship. This year we went to the Himalayan Grill which has food of Nepal, Tibet and India. Excellent service and interesting choices.

We dine on Himalayan food before heading home

Page Six (Carving Begins)

We went back home and began the carving preparations activities.  First we have to "gut" the pumpkins, then we carve then we teased each other about our artwork!

Page Seven (Carving Continues)

We were having a great time and the second page of carving shows extreme carving underway plus the official "Pumpkin Lighting Ceremony". Not too fancy, we put votive candles in each of the pumpkins and take a gander at our handy work.

Page Eight (Old Ranch With The Grandchild)

We called Joe and Amy and asked if they wanted their faces painted.( Amy had a color suggestion for Joe.)  We were happy Alex and Charlie could get a head start on Halloween at Old Ranch.

Page Nine (Santa Ana Elks Costume Party)

What will everybody be today???  We never can tell and that is half of the fun!




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