Santa Barbara Vino Train Adventure 2016

Time for a train ride with friends

The 2016 Adventure Overview - Heading Home (Page Six)

Here comes the train... Being pushed

Ah ha.... Now we know

Mike's Easter Bonnet

Look carefull for the Clothes Optional Beach
Going around the curves at 70 miles and hour

Dinner was excellent

"I had two dinners"

The sun was beginning to set

In to the tunnel we go.....

60 mph around the corner....

Zip Zip Zip

Coming in for a landing

We are still laughing and giggling

In to the switch yard we go...

The LA skyline in the distance

Did You Know? - A skyline is the horizon created by a city's overall structure, or by human intervention in a non-urban setting or in nature. City skylines serve as a kind of fingerprint as no two skylines are alike. For this reason, news and sports programs, television shows, and movies often display the skyline of a city to set a location. The term The Sky Line of New York City was first introduced in 1896, when it was the title of a color lithograph by Charles Graham for the color supplement of the New York Journal

The Garden... Where the private railway cars are kept

Geez... Which way do we go!

Only about 400 feet to the "end of the line"

We made it!

Shaking out the kinks!

"Is this the next tasting?"

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Looks scary!

See you on the bus

Someone is about to break out in song.... Who might it be?

Who was that masked singer.... Robin perhaps!

Sam missed his calling as a lyracist!

Bob really wants the driver to stop at COSTCO so he can shop!

The suspected source of all the musical outpourings

There is goes... Around the bus several times!

Did You Know? - The wave (known as the Mexican wave in the anglosphere outside North America) is an example of metachronal rhythm achieved in a packed stadium when successive groups of spectators briefly stand, yell, and raise their arms. Immediately upon stretching to full height, the spectator returns to the usual seated position.

The result is a wave of standing spectators that travels through the crowd, even though individual spectators never move away from their seats. In many large arenas the crowd is seated in a contiguous circuit all the way around the sport field, and so the wave is able to travel continuously around the arena; in discontiguous seating arrangements, the wave can instead reflect back and forth through the crowd.

Here it comes... Glad we cound NOT stand up!

"Who me? I dod not do it!"

Coni also seems to be busy!

The beer drinkers are still awake! This is a good sign

Josie and Bob might be catching the next wave

Someone else went shopping

Oops... Spoke to early... We lost one of the beer drinkers!

Always lighting up his surroundings...

We think she is counting bottles of beer

Applause for our driver... Sid!

Brenda gots the giggles!

Good night Sam