Santa Barbara Here We Come (Page Six)

Time for a train ride with friends

Is Santa Barbara Ready?? (Page Six)

Hans & Kersten (Courtesy: Hans & Kersten)

The Boeing contingent Donna and Geri (Courtesy: Hans & Kersten)

Paul & Sue make a pass through the group (Courtesy: Hans & Kersten)

Paul & Sue... He hasn't had a drink and the nose is already red

Nancy & Greg share a giggle

Donna found her badge from last year

Paul visits daughter Michele (Courtesy: Hans & Kersten)

Looking good and ready for the vino (Courtesy: Hans & Kersten)

Thanks Vicky Kuhn For Making All The Badges

Everybody visits on the way up

We Passed The Future Ventura County Fair

We passed the Ventura County Fair Grounds where they are getting ready for 2011
August 3 through Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Train Owners Tell Their Stories

Conductor Bill (Courtesy: V. Kuhn)

We Ride Along The Beach At 60 MPH

Looks cold outside but it is warm and muggy

Nancy searches for the nu des on the beach

That's it....

Meanwhile everyone upstairs awaits the arrive of the nudist beach

View from top OK

Who Came Along This Trip

Kathy and Ed Roberts with Nancy and Greg

Wally and Herbie

Ralph & Lee

Brian and Jan

Vicky and Del

Thanks Vicky Kuhn For Making All The Badges

Larry & Gigi

Dan & Sharon

Bunny & Tom

Wayne & Charlotte

Iliana & John

Sam & Brenda

Mike & Margie

Bob & Robin



Breakfast is served

Mary & Don

Ernie & John

Ernie & John

Kelly & Adam

Kyle and Tiffany

Pam Reed


Drinks anyone????

Regular or ethyhl?

The Schneiders

Bill and Guy

Breakfast is served.... Conductor Bill plays a mean xylophone!
Music to our ears....

Yeah for the Bartender

Mary & Fred

Nancy, Guy, and Donna do the crosswords

James and Linda

ZOT.. We Arrive!

Santa Barbara Station

The SILVER SPLENDOR, built in 1956 as Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #4735, has just completed a 12-year restoration.

Did You Know? - Built for the Zephyr fleet of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad by the Budd Co. in 1956, this stainless steel car raced between Chicago and Denver on a daily basis until 1980, including the final nine years under Amtrak ownership. Originally named Silver Buckle, she was part of the last two complete conventional train sets to be ordered new in the pre-Amtrak era, traveling more than 4.5 million miles.

Did we get everything?

Getting organized (Courtesy: Hans & Kersten)

Mike DeLara, Robin, Brenda and Margie are ready for the adventure

We have arrived..... Now what? (Courtesy: R. Duda)

The train pulled out on its way to San Luis Obispo

Lee & Ralph, V&D & Linda & James took city tour bus (Courtesy: V. Kuhn)