The Reunion

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am!

Yeah! Yeah! The Gang Is All Here

So Tom and Aunt Kaye came to visit on May 3rd!  We all went out to dinner at Panda Panda and came home with the "bright idea" of getting all seven dogs together...  Best we could do was six at any one time.  The new addition is Jo-Jo, aunt Kaye's baby and the son of Valentine and Mickey.... Brother to Pinky, Sarge, Flower... and grand nephew of Tia the wonder dog!

Jo-Jo | Tia | Pinky | Mommy (Valentine)

The hand was "attempting" to get their attention!

Flower | Sarge | Jo-Jo | Tia | Pinky | Mickey

Flower | Sarge |Jo-Jo | Mickey | Pinky | Tia