Chihuahua Humor; Not For The Faint Of Heart!!

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am!

Controls Needed For A Chihuahua

More truth to this than it might seem

The Chihuahuas definitely have a pledge that they try and keep. Of course, it is based upon their own definitions ! They would tell you themselves but they have problems using the computer. They do keep up on politics and love to make political statements.

They are quite ferocious and guard the house very well . This trait probably comes from their heritage . Even as mild-mannered as they are, they do have their own peeves . If they could talk, I am sure you would hear some great quotes . However, they do enforce certain rules around the house . They are quite considerate and love to share . We often read to them at night and their favcorite story is about the Wet Nose. The indeed have a great sense of humor !