The Babies

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am!

Our Story In A Nut Shell...

Mickey In Disguise

According to our humans, Sue and Paul,  after the kids moved away it got lonely so they decided to get a little dog! Dogs are quite simple creatures or so they thought!

First they got me, Valentine the Chihuahua , and I ruled the house.  Valentine would set the schedule, demand to go o bed at her time, and generally caused a delightful chaos.  Thinking I would be alone while they go to work all day, they decided to get Mickey (Mouse) the Chihuahua .

Mickey and Valentine were one of those "love at first sight" kinda relationships!

You guessed it, we did NOT sit around and look at each other.  The minute mon and dad were gone we ah, well, ah, that is, oh... you know!  Mickey that little devil!!

We got together and a few months later we were blessed with five little Chihuahua's .  Mickey was just one year old and enjoyed the company of an older woman!

I hope they don't see this one!!

All the babies went to family except Pinky who decided to stay with her mommy and daddy!

Sergeant and Flower came back home when their humans decided to get divorced.  The were going to be a Marine family but things just did not work out.  Their daddy still comes to see them every few weeks.  They were very happy to be back with their real mommy and daddy... or should we say grand-mommy and grand-daddy!

JoJo and Little Mickey are now gone having lived great lives with great people!  Read the " Puppies Prayer ".

If you can do the following then my friend, you are almost as good as your dog!