The Babies

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am!

These Guys Were Real Babies

The babies were soon born and each weighed in at about 3 oz each! We kept one, Pinky, and the others went with family members so we always get to see them, especially during the holidays!  After several years of miliary life, Sarge and Flower returned home and stayed with their Mommy and Daddy until this day!The little ones are named:

Flower (black with a white stripe after the Disney Skunk character in Bambi). Now Flower is a character.... super shy but once she gets to know you.... watch out!  She can run and land on your lap at the slightest notice!  She is 5.4 pounds now and 8/23/98 is her 3rd birthday!

Sargeant 76 was (born in the Union 76 station on the way to the emergency hospital at 1:30 am!)  Sarge is the only non-black Chihuahua we have.... he is Pinky's favorite... and the apple of his mommies eye (Valentine!!)  He is 5.6 pounds. He follows Paul around everywhere he goes!

Pinky (who was born black except for pink feet) is Sue's baby... Never more than 3 micro-inches away from Sue, she constantly stands guard and protects the house.  She is 10 pounds.... and super tough!!

Little Mickey (after his daddy because they are so much alike)

JoJo (named by our Aunt before she saw HIM... in case he was a she!)

The Sergeant Guarding Tia
Sarge keeps an eye on Tia... There was some kind
of a bond there we never quite understood

Tia Resting
Tia was a hearing dog and quite good at it... She worked for years

Did You Know? - A hearing dog is a specific type of assistance dog specifically selected and trained to assist people who are deaf or hearing impaired by alerting their handler to important sounds, such as doorbells, smoke alarms, ringing telephones, or alarm clocks. They may also work outside the home, alerting to such sounds such as sirens, forklifts and a person calling the handler's name.

Dogs that may become hearing dogs are tested for proper temperament, sound reactivity, and willingness to work. After passing initial screenings, they are trained in basic obedience and exposed to things they will face in public such as elevators, shopping carts, and different types of people. Only after that period of socializing are they trained in sound alerting.

Hearing dogs may be trained professionally in as little as three months, though many are trained for closer to a year. Generally, training involves getting the dog to recognize a particular sound and then physically alert or lead their handler to the source. They may also be taught to physically alert to and/or lead away from a sound, such as in the case of a fire alarm. While many hearing dogs are professionally trained, there is a growing number[citation needed] of deaf or hearing-impaired individuals who undertake the challenge of training their own hearing dogs.