The Timeline Was Amazing

Los Angeles To Midway To Hawaii To Los Angeles In 21 Days

Battle Of Midway Timeline

The actual battle was very quick...

Date/Time Event
Dec. 7 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
Dec. 10 Guam Falls
Dec. 31 Admiral Chester Nimitz assumes command of the US Pacific Fleet
Jan. 1-14 Ugaki writes a sketch of future operations, including the occupation of Midway.
March Japanese plans begin to center around Midway
April 2-6 Japanese Naval general Staff gives tentative approval for Midway invasion.
April 18 Doolittle raid on Japan
May 6 Corregidor surrenders
May 7-11 Battle of the Coral Sea
May 10-12 Hypo learns that Midway is Japan's target
May 17 Nimitz forms North Pacific Fleet to send to the Aleutians
May 22 General Marshall flies to West Coast because War Department fears attack there
May 27 Nagumo's task force sorties
May 28 Japan's Northern Forces sorties
May 28 Admiral Fletcher given command of US task forces
May 28 Task Force 16 sorties from Pearl Harbor
May 30 Task Force 17 sorties from Pearl Harbor
June 2 Nagumo breaks radio silence
June 3, 1942 All times are local
0700 2nd Carrier Striking Force attacks Dutch Harbor
0904 Midway receives message of "Sighting Main Body."
June 4, 1942 All times are local
0430 Nagumo begins launching of Midway attack force
0556 Air Raid alarm on Midway
0641 Attack on Midway completed
0714 US level bomber attack on Japanese carriers, no hits.
0838 Yorktown launches attach
1014 Akagi under attack, no hits.
1022 - 1024 Kaga dive bombed, fires break out.
1025 Soryu hit twice
1026 Akagi hit twice
1046 Nagumo and his staff abandon Akagi and transfer command to Nagara.
1050 Nagumo radios Yamamoto that fires are raging on Kaga, Soryu, and Akagi.
1058 Takeoff from Hiryu
1200-1201 Hiryu planes attacks Yorktown, fires break out on
1320 Hiryu planes launch 2nd attack on Yorktown
1455 Abandon ship ordered on Yorktown
1640 Abandon ship ordered on Kaga
1645 Hiryu sighted
1705 Hiryu on fire from several hits
1915 Soryu sinks
1925 Kaga sinks
June 5, 1942 All times are local
0255 Yamamoto cancels Midway operation
0500 Akagi scuttled
0900 Hiryu sinks
1205 Main Body and Occupational force retreat homeward
June 5th Afternoon - 9th
June 5 I-168 torpedoes Yorktown
June 6 Yorktown sinks
June 9 Yamamoto take responsibility for defeat, Japanese press claims a great victory