Vacations.... Great Times

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

Vacations; It Was Time To Get Away From It All!

We were blessed becuase for twenty years we traveled everywhere... Europe, the Orient, Australia, the islands, Carribbean, and more!

While these places are pretty, we not want ot see the USA which is magnificent!

We are retired now so we are on vacation every day!  No need to go anywhere... We are permanently vacationing! Yeah!

The words holiday or vacation have related meanings in different English-speaking countries and continents, but will usually refer to one of the following activities or events:

We enjoyed our vacations but also enjoy being "On The Go " .

The QE2, An Amazing Ship

Alaska Vacation(s) Summary

We have been to Alaska many times and each time it is wonderful....  One of the latest times was with the two Grandsons so Sue had an adventure with three teenagers! We got to ride the trains, see the animals up close, ride in helicopters, ride in airplanes and land on lakes, and eat salmon 24x7!  Alaska is pristine and he railroad ride from Fairbanks to the ship (Anchorage) was fantastic. 

New Zealand and Australia Summary

We took a month wand went to New Zealand and Australia .  We flew to New Zealand and caught the Crystal Harmony for a 10 day cruise to Australia.  We spent time in the outback and had to fly back home (we were working then!).  We decided to go south on this vacation... see things other than Asia, Europe, and Alaska!  New Zealand and Australia have always been a place we wanted to visit. We thought New Zealand and Australia might be a lot of fun... we were right!!! 

We were off to New Zealand on November 13th on New Zealand Airlines... and we lost the 14th of November forever!  Arriving in Auckland at 7 am, we began 4 days of touring the city. We sailed on the Crystal Harmony around New Zealand then over to Australia where we visited several cities and completed the vacation with a journey to the outback... Alice Springs!

Caribbean Adventures Summary

The Caribbean is a favorite haunt for us especially when it is cold in Los Angeles.  We have traveled there many times with our favorite voyage being when we took Aunt Edit and Cousin Kat!   Our first cruise was on the Sovereign of the Seas in 1988 and we returned on the Norway, Crystal and a Royal Caribbean. We are still looking for the wooden salad bowl which we proudly bought to bring home to our kitchen... never made it!We enjoyed this area so much we took our cousin and aunt with us for a two week stay.  We can remember swimming with the rays, going down in a submarine, a walk through the rain forest, and visit Curaçao (Dutch West Indies) . When our other travels are over, we will do it again!  Yes, even in the summer when it is hot!  We enjoy the heat.

Family Vacation Summary

We took our family and a few friends for a three day Mexican adventure over the New Years weekend!  It was a load of fun having all that time to visit and not have to worry about feeding and entertaining 24 people!

Hawaiian Adventures Summary

Hawaii is such an easy place to go so we do it often.  We did find our island, Lanai, which is laid back and rural except for the two hotels on the island!  A great place to visit!

Why We do NOT Fly