About The Adventure

Los Angeles To Midway To Hawaii To Los Angeles In 21 Days

About The Adventure
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Us! After all these years of traveling, we decided we would attempt to avoid the airlines if possible.  Airlines were difficult ten years ago and now they are damned near impossible!

So we look for cruises that would leave and arrive at our doorstep.  The doorstep could be San Francisco, San Diego but preferably San Pedro (Long Beach)!

We did the Panama Canal as a roundtrip from Los Angeles last September and enjoyed it so much we decided to take the half-way cruise to Midway! 

It is both historical (the 65th anniversary of the Battle Of Midway )  and we get the benefit of five days of golf in Hawaii on the way back!

Commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway

Plans are progressing for the ceremony on Midway Atoll marking the 65th anniversary of the turning point of World War II in the Pacific, the Battle of Midway . We anticipate as many as 1,600 visitors – including Battle of Midway veterans – will join us for the one-day event.

The U.S. Navy will be bringing a ceremonial band, color guard, and rifle squad to honor one of the two most important events in its history. The International Midway Memorial Foundation, dedicated to honoring and preserving the memory and values of the Battle of Midway, will be participating in the ceremony.

Two entities will be bringing most of our guests. Princess Cruise Lines’ Regal Princess will be departing from Los Angeles and Military Historical Tours will be bringing a chartered flight from Honolulu. Both entities have submitted special ocean use permit applications to conduct these activities in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. Visitors will partake in walking tours along existing roads and on the public beach on Sand Island as well as in the ceremony itself.

Cruising Is Not All Foo-Foo!

It's Not All Foo-Foo! We go ATV'ing wherever we go...Ths time on Hawaii which was a load of fun and very red!

The dirt in Hawaii after a nice afternoon rain gets everywhere and we were no exception.

Check out the vehicle!

We Do Enjoy Dancing!

Dancing On The Ship And... we get to dance for days on end!  The itinerary requires at least twelve days at sea where dancing rules!

We danced every chance we get starting in the pre-dinner local bar and ending about 1am in the casino lounge.

Waltz, swing, tango, rhumba, cha cha, salsa, line, country, and even Zorba!

This dance floor was amazing in that it was about four feet below the floor line and had four exits leading to our seats.  The wood was beautiful and well taken care of every day.  We kept is used every evening!

Do You Remember Victory At Sea??

Victory At Sea One of the earliest documentaries produced exclusively for television, the 26 episode VICTORY AT SEA won both an Emmy and a Peabody Award for its accomplishments. Featuring narration by Broadway actor Leonard Graves and a musical score by the legendary Richard Rodgers, VICTORY AT SEA took hours and hours of footage shot by the navy during the Second World War and trimmed it down to create a narrative of the war from the perspective of the major sea battles and maneuvers.

Airing in the 1952-53 television season, VICTORY AT SEA went a step further than the newsreel format of the day while anticipating the coming era when footage from all over the world would be seen by television audiences as soon as events happened.