Easter Highlights With Family & Friends April 4th In 2010

Tradition Expanded... To Disneyland

Easter 2010 Overview (Page One)

Michele and Robin asked us what we were doing Easter weekend and we all decided dying eggs with the kids (Nick and Theo) would be fun... we were right! 

Off to Old Ranch for a leisurely lunch before the Easter Eggs!  Then we colored the eggs with Nick and Theo and their parents!   See it in comic book format !

We rested in the evening because we were going to church in the morning and then to Disneyland .

Pre-Coloring Lunch At Old Ranch (Page Two)

Easter eve at Old Ranch
"Are you sure ?"

Lisa, Pete, Thomas, Hannah, Paul, Sue, Franklyn, Theo, Nick, Robin, Bob, Michele, Sis

Coloring Eggs At Home (Page Three)

Easter eggs 2010
Everyone gets involved

Easter Sunday At Disneyland (Page Four)

Easter Sunday at Disneyland

Easter Sunday at Disneyland

Easter Sunday at Disneyland
Sue's favorite

Easter Sunday at Disneyland

Comics Are Always Fun (Page Five)

Easter Eggs coloring in comic format