Easter Arrived Early; April 9th!

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. ~S.D. Gordon

Time For Family

We are planning ta get togrether at Casa Valencia, perhaps like last year but sans the pool.  The weather is so cold heating the pool would take days!  Last year it was warm; this year, freezing.

Easter Eggs 4/8/2023 With Mary's Camera

Looking Back Two Years

Random Pictures From  Previous Easter Activities

Page Two; Garden Tours & Zack Serves Lunch!

We have been working on the garden for months and it is looking pretty good!

Coloring Easter Eggs 4/8/2023
Future pickers watching the veggies grow!

Easter Eggs 4/8/2023 With Mary's Camera
The burgers are put together and side dishes are emptied!

Page Three: HIding The Eggs & Coloring Gets Underway

Ya have to hide the eggs before you find the eggs and Connor led the parade this year.

Coloring Easter Eggs 4/8/2023
We will be finding eggs for a year!!

Easter Eggs 4/8/2023 With Mary's Camera