Easter 2016

How is the Easter Bunny like Michael Jordan? They're both famous for stuffing baskets!  

Welcome Easter 2016 (Page One)

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most important Christian festival, and the one celebrated with the greatest joy. Without Easter there would be no Christianity. Without Jesus' suffering, his execution and subsequent resurrection there would be no Christianity, for however terrible the suffering was, it was part of God's plan for the salvation of humankind.

We did our annual Easter traditions starting by a family lunch (Page 2) followed by doing Easter Eggs at our home .

Join the fun!

We then headed home to do eggs! Great fun and time to share!

See Page Two - Coloring Eggs

The egg activity took several hours... Laughing and giggling the entire time


Sunday headed to Disneyland to be at the Happiest Place On Earth to celebrate and then off to Catal for dinner with the Finch's, Duda's, and Greg plus Lisa!  We love traditions!

Page Three - More time to share with family and friends

Thank You Lord for another time to celebrate and share witgh our loved ones. We miss those not here but they are in our thoughts...

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