Vegetable Gardening 2018-2021 

Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination.  

The Gardening Activities Took A Backseat For Three Years

During the time Sue was not feeling well, we had very small gardens and I did not take very many pictures. My time was spent with Sue and the garden took a back seat!

I planted about one-third of what we used to plant, just enough to make sure Sue saw the garden in use eventhough coooking at home started getting less and less.   I was too busy taking care of things to even bother taking photos of the garden.

When Mary and I began seeing each other in July of 2020, I learned of her desire for a garden like the one I had at Kensington.

We moved into a new home in 2021 and only had room for a few veggies in varous spots along the back yard wall. and in some containers aling the wall dividing the pool from the yard.

In 2022 we planted veggies in several flower beds and designed a new garden.  We found a contractor and a large bag of money later we have our new garden.  As of July 2022 it is being built  and as of November 2022, Casa Valencia Gardens was opened.