2005 Got Started Early 

It Is 2005 So It Is Time To Turn The Soil And Plant

2005 Underway
The garden took off early this year as evidenced by the grapes in full swing

2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar.

It was designated:

The Year of the Volunteer by the UK government
The World Year of Physics
The International Year of the Eucharist in Catholicism.
The Year of Cork City as European Capital of Culture.
The Year of the Veteran in Canada.

The Liles household is busy preparing for the summer garden.  Hands and knees forming the beds for the little babies.

Join us to watch them grow throught the summer.


Seeing and smelling the different vegetables make life interesting!

Blueberries ripening on the bushes

Baby crookneck squash about to become dinner


Corn will be available in about 30 days!

Baby grapes
Baby grapes forming

Green beans
String beans begin their climb to the top

Preparations & Underway

The preparations are a lengthy process as we have to get rid of last years leftovers, search for weeds, roto-till the ground and add whatever soil amendments we deem proper.

You can almost hear them grow

Grapes are going strong
Grapes are looking super

String beans are ready to jump six feet
String beans will grow several inches a day at their peak

Blueberries now protected from the birds
Blueberry nets are up... Bye bye birdies

The Garden Grows...

It looks lik a forest of steel but in a few weeks the support disappear and it looks like a tomato forest!

Tomato cages ready to receive
Tomato support forest

Squash getting big!
Getting taller everyday!

Grapes have reached the top of the wall
Grapes have reached the top... time to trim!

Back wall disappearing
The wall slowly disappears

The pool is surrounded
The pool is surrounded

Other guardians at work
Other little guardians at work

Growing Like Mad

During the growing season there are days when one can go to the yard and listed to the vegetables grow.  String beans grow six inches a day and squash can go crazy in a day.

Composter at work
Composter in the background!

Composter at work

Forest of tomato supports
A forest of cages are ready

Squash on its way
Squash soon to be ready

Did you see the butterflies?
See the butterflies

Composter at work