Donna... Enjoys A Good Chew Once In A While

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

Say What??? Who Chewed What??

Donna gives the high sign
Donna has a story to tell!

STORYTIME ... The Case Of The Missing Grass

So, once upon a time many moons ago High School Donna was with several friends in Corona Del Mar walking on the beach. They had met some "boys" who had something called "beer". She didn't remember much about the "beer".

In the interest of being friendly, Donna agreed to share one little beer with her two girl friends. Uh huh! (that's her story and she is sticking to it).

They soon spotted a sea lion on the beach and their male companions began teasing the sea lion. Some neighbors call the police and sirens began wailing in this peaceful beach community.

Headlines... "Donna Gets The Big House"

The police show up to stop the teasing and direct the party off the beach and lined them up along a small retaining wall holding some flowers and grass.

Donna saw the police sniffing the breath of the other kids and being quite creative, she reached behind her and began pulling out clumps of grass. She sneaked the grass into her mouth before the officer got to her thinking this might disguise the smell of the 1/3rd of a beer.

After several chomps of grass the police office got to her, sniffed her breath and said "I can't about this one... I do NOT smell any beer!" but she definitely needs to start using a toothbrush!!

She was released on the spot and went home.

So.... It's a good idea to carry GREEN grass (the kind you eat, NOT smoke) with you at all times.

Now we know why Donna loves salads!!–––

Santa Ana Elks Dance 6/24/2011

Santa Ana Elks Dance 6/24/2011