James Says "Search Me"

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

What A Difference A Wand Makes...

Search me
An interesting (and potentially romantic) experience in the Frankfort Airport August 2015


STORYTIME ... Frankfort Will Always Have Special Meaning To James

James and Linda head to Europe and the first stop is Frankfort Germany (an intermediate stop on their way to the Mediterranean)

Linda waltzes through the airport checkout without a hitch but not so James (sometimes referred to as "Mr. Lucky")!

As James passes through the screening machine, alarms go off...Bells chime... Whistles blow... Dancing girls enter the area doing the latest German polka!

He did empty is pockets, right! Yes indeed!

When the "nice man" asked for James to stand to the side to be "wanded" the wand went wild as it passed before him! Below the belt... Above the knees!   What the heck!  

Search me
What? Your machine must have a problem!

The "nice man" (who was looking even nicer as the minutes pass) asked James if he could put his hands "down there".... Say what?

James remember an old saying.... "When in Germany, do as the Germans do!"

Search me
James is getting a little excited now...

Search me
James' normal smile was instantly and dramatically changed

The "very very nice looking man" could not find anything (this is already a problem) so he asks if he could stick "the wand" down his pants...

James jumped at the opportunity... The "very very nice looking man" was looking better all the time...

Not really ...Things are speeding out of control rapidly!

Search me
James is having too much fun we think!

As the wand begins to make it move, Linda remembers! "HEY!  He has had a hip replacement!"

Search me

Search me
James loved telling the story

Search me
James was upset when he noticed the "nice man's wand"
looked suspiciously like a hair curler???


James seemed a little disappointed but he did get "the nice man's" phone number!

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