I Just Love My Ceiling!

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

Ceiling... Why Is My Ceiling So Special? I Kept Seeing Stars!

The Ceiling story
Oops... I wasn't supposed to tell that one!

STORYTIME ... The Do It Yourself Ceiling Or Almost Star Wars in 1960's

When growing up, Vicky's family wanted to stay up with the Smith's and the "popcorn ceiling" was becoming all the rage. Non wanted at least one "stylish ceiling".

Vicky's mom called the local painter and got a quote on doing one of the rooms. Vicky's room (which was the dining room) was selected. Vicky remembers feeling "special".

Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn

So far so good until Vicky's father, who fancied himself a handy-man, saw the quote and went berserk. "It's simple, any idiot can do this... I will save a lot of money" he exclaimed.

So off they go to the local store to get the ingredients and a sprayer. Having a large family and some big brothers, the furniture disappeared quickly and they were ready to go.

The time has arrived! He load the sprayer and turned it on! STAND BACK, DADDY'S SPRAYING.

Suddenly they remember, Dad never used a sprayer before.... This could be interesting.

Arms were moving (in a non-uniform manner), popcorn was spewing out the nozzle, a white mist was settling in around the room... It was nearing completion and then the white cloud of vaporized popcorn began to settle.... Eek... What happened to the ceiling?

Run doggy run

Vicky describes the results as a "moonscape" complete with valleys, mountains, deserts, and indescribable mixtures of both. She remembers seeing the Apollo Lunar Lander but it turned out to be a big lump where a cobweb once existed.

That wasn't too bad until her father remembered the glitter that was needed... You gotta have glitter on the popcorn.

He summoned the six kids, pointed to the glitter box (glitter, NOT litter box) and told the kids grab it and fling it onto the still wet ceiling.

A glitter storm pursued! SPLAT, ZING, WHIZZ... Soon the glitter box was empty.... Not so the ceiling!

Now we had valleys, hills, deserts, and mountains... Some mountains were piles of glitter and some deserts were as barren as the Gobi.

Vicky's ceiling

Vicky remembers this being wonderful because the ceiling was above her bed and she could look up all night as see the surface of the moon.... shinning back!

Ah... Yes! Her Mom decided NOT to have her husband do the rest of the house.

Did You Know? - A popcorn ceiling, also known as an acoustic ceiling, is a term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction. Cheaper than painting, it could be quickly and easily sprayed on in new construction and was also useful in masking ceiling defects in older homes, such as stains, uneven ceilings or poor workmanship. It was the standard for bedroom and residential hallways ceilings for its noise reduction qualities[citation needed], while kitchen and living rooms ceilings would normally be textured in smoother skip-trowel or orange peel texture for their higher durability and ease of cleaning. Unfortunately, its bright white "cottage cheese" texture often contained asbestos.