James Turns 78.... Sort Of

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

His Day Was Going Well Until....

James shoots 78
James gets his slightly modified birthday card

James shoots 78

STORYTIME ... Normally If You Shoot Your Age It's Good....

James had a GREAT day on the course... Couldn't miss the little white ball. At the end of the game, James was smiling from ear to ear and pronounced "This was the best games of my life... I shot a 78!".

James shoots 78

Being the terrific golf companions we are, we took James to the 19th hole for a libation or two!

James could NOT WAIT to post his score so we ordered first! In a few minutes James wonders back tot he table and then Robert (our waiter) came by we yelled "James....78... How about that?"

Robert turned toward James and responded "Gee Mr. Cathey, I did NOT know it was your birthday... Happy Birthday!"

Needless to say, the table cracked up!

James shoots 78
Of course, we immediately ordered a cupcake with candle and sang Happy Birthday