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Mom Ran Away From Home

STORYTIME ... Mom Runs Away

Run Away I remember to this very day the time Mom ran away from home.  Tramatic events do get etched into ones head!

It was Christmas 1950  and the Chrstmas Tree was loaded with boxes all wrapped up.  One evening Dad brought home a big box and I immediately knew it was my new Tonka Truck... Even better than a BB Gun!

Mom was emphatic..."Do NOT open any of the presents!"

Mom went across the street to visit a neighbor about mid morning te next day and Paul was there alone with this box who's contents were absolutely known.

Maybe absolutely was a strong word!  Paul opened the presents VERY carefully so as to hide the fact. 

A half an hour later, Mom headed back across the street and I tried to re-wrap them quickly!

Run Away Oops! -  When Mom came into the room, she knew the package had been violated! Hey, a seven year old can't  wrap presents!! 

She did not get mad, she simply said something like "I told you now to do that so I am going to run away from home because you do not love me".

She went into her room, packed her suitcase (she threw some clothes in the suitcase just to make it look real),  and walked out of the house.... down the block!.

Paul ran after her screaming "Mommy... don't run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Lesson Worked - After that... for the next 60+ years, Paul was a good boy!  Well, I don't unwrap presents anymore that is for sure!