Bunndfords Secret Find

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~ Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

Bunndfords Secret Find or..... Giving A Wine A Black Mark!

Bunny "B" Burns testing the wine (The middle initial stands for BARGAIN)

STORYTIME ... The Case Of Bargin Basement Wine & The Wine Snobs

It seems that Bunnaford was doing her shopping, seeking bargains and what did she find? She found a real treature... an amazingly good Alexander Valley 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvingnon. But alas, it was NOT at Nordies (Bunny's term for Nordstroms Department Store).

Where was it located? OMG.... read the following with your eyes closed so no one else will know!

Trader Joe's! That's right.... Trader Joe's!

What to do? What to do? She wanted to bring it to the Country Club for us professional wino's wine con-a-sewers to try. We gave it the thumbs up! Much better than the "wine" she found previously. The last bargin find tasted a little funny!

Flash Forward One Week Later

One of the members of the original tasting group went to Trader Joe's and got an entire case of the wine himself and wanted to share with his own group of wine con-a-sewers...

Alas, he remembered it had a Trader Joe's label on it.... No no no! Not to be forced into admitting where he got his wine!

Necessity being the mother of invention, he found ablack magic marker! Notice carefully how experts in black marking pens can save the day! So professionally done!

The names of the con-a-sewers have been changed to protrect the innocent!