Brian... Pardon My Number Or The Dropped Digit

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

I Did Call.... I Really Did

The travellers roam between the US and the UK on a regular basis

STORYTIME ... The Case Of The Dropped Digit!

In their travels, they are supposed to ring us up once in a while so we can coordinate activities. Since they are headed back pretty soon, I asked Brian and Jan why they never called us.... Did we do something wrong?

The answer was a resounding "NO". So, why no phone calls? There were apparently many phone calls but we never returned them nor answered the phone! Never!

Brian describes the calls....We called and provided itineraries, medical updates, arrival times, all sorts of information. We finally decided to call Vicky or Marcia and leave the information

Now The Punch line...

Jan and Brian had been calling the wrong number!

What is really funny is that after a year or two of calling, a nice lady returned their calls... asked about how Brian was doing, about Jan's brother, told them the weather here and then told them "this is the wrong number!"

Now we will call Brian "Boom Boom"