Brian Needed A Shower... He Got It

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

Need A Bath At 35,000 Feet? In Skydrol???

Hydraulic Oil Bath
Sometimes we call him Mr. Lucky... Sometimes we don't!

STORYTIME ... The Case Of The Case Of Oil

In their travels, they spend many many hours in the air and sometimes many many hours in the air. Bathing on long trips can be difficult so the airlines decided to assist Brian. Since airplanes have many different types of liquids on board, they decided to change oil right over his head!

Hydraulic Oil Bath
It look nice and clean

All of a sudden from the overheads comes an avalanche of hydraulic oil landing aquarely on Brians magnificently choiffed hairpiece .... Oops, we mean hairdoo. The lucious liquid soaked him and his seat and not a microscopic morsel hit Jan (There is a message here!)

Hydraulic Oil Bath
Busted pipe in the ceiling above his head

Brian describes the situation....Yikes!

What Happened Next?... The crew took him to the back of the plane and cleaned him up... He was soaked howver it did have a good evening.... They have hium a ten year guarentee that he would NOT SQUEEK! This event did leave a lasting impression on Brian...

Hydraulic Oil Bath
Brian prepares for his bath with the finest in hydraulic bubble bath fluid


Did You Know? - Skydrol is an advanced fire resistant aviation hydraulic fluid manufactured by Solutia Inc. There are various lines of Skydrol including Skydrol 500B-4, Skydrol LD-4, and Skydrol 5.

Skydrol is made up of a group of chemical additives dissolved into a fire-resistant phosphate ester base stock which inhibits corrosion and prevents erosion damage to servo valves and includes a purple or green dye to ease identification. It has been approved by most airframe manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing and BAE Systems and has been used in their products for over 40 years.

Skydrol contains a small amount of a PFOS, which is not listed on the MSDS.

Solutia Inc. built a new facility to produce Skydrol and SkyKleen aviation cleaning solutions in Anniston, Alabama in 2005.

Acid and contamination must be monitored while using Skydrol, and generally hydraulic systems should be sampled every C check.[3] Skydrol has a 10 year shelf life from the date of manufacture.

Skydrol fluids are irritating to human tissue. Gloves and goggles are recommended safety equipment when servicing Skydrol systems. If the fluid gets on the skin it creates an itchy, red rash with a burning sensation which feels similar to a sunburn. The effects subside within a few hours and castor oil can be applied to the affected area to neutralize the burning. Animal studies have shown that repeated exposure to tributylphosphate, one of the phosphate esters used in Skydrol fluids, may cause urinary bladder damage.

Skydrol fluids are incompatible with many plastics and paints, which can be softened and eventually destroyed by exposure to Skydrol. Some materials (for example, rayon acetate) and rubber-soled shoes may also be damaged by Skydrol.