Who Are Those People in The Back Yard

America is a tune. It must be sung together. ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

Marcia Is Panicked

Marcia and Leon at the Jam Session in 2010

STORYTIME ... The Great "Almost" Robbery

Leon and Marcia had just moved into their first home (no, it was NOT a cave). One evening Marcia heard noises in the back yard. Several men were running around with cages and she was worried they had come to rob the new home.

The police were called and a few minutes later Leon and Marcia were introduced to the Animal Control Staff who were chasing a wild animal in their year.

Why would they try to catch these little critters? Move ahead a while and Leon and Marcia again hear something in the yard.... This time coming from a tree. After intensive investigation, they find the little guys decided to use the roof of their home at the corner of the patio for an outhouse! Raccoon poop anyone?

Potty time!