Wine Train Adventure 2011 Participants (Page Two)

Time for a train ride with friends

Who Is Signed Up For 2011?

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No vacancy sign

It's going to be a train full of fun since our group has both cars for the trip!!!

The Fun Train
The Fun Train is ready to go!!!

We Currently Have The Following Confirmed...

Graphically Speaking Who Dat??

James & Linda Cathey

James & Linda Cathey

Yes... James and Linda, leaders of the famed
and fearless "Ice Cream Patrol" will again be joining the activity making sure the non wine folks have a great time

Paul & Sue Liles

Paul & Sue Liles

Organizers of this adventure, Paul & Sue will obviously be there to assure all the adventurers have a great time... whether they want too or not. As soon as we leave the station it will be 5:00 PM somewhere

Donna & Bob Zaitz

Donna & Bob

Donna and Bob will be rejoining us so we are assured of a day full of smiles. Donna has promised to again show us how to use the "big camera" on the way home... snapping many pictures of the ceiling, rug, and other object d'art!

Bob & Robin Duda

Robin & Bob Duda

They will be providing leadership of the younger set and with big smiles making sure everyone is having a load of fun!! Last year they found a great place for lunch and even a beer tasting area.

Mike & Margie DeLara

Mike & MArgie DeLara

Mike and Paul go back to the Space Shuttle activities in Downey. Mike and Sue have the same birthday and do the same thing... Go to the OC Fair on their birthdays. We go on a train ride with them once a year to bet on the horseys at San Diego.

Stephanie & Harvey Schuster

Harvey & Stephanie Schuster

Old friends from Rockwell and Boeing. Harvey works in the IT world for Orange Country and Stephanie is a travel agent.

Ed & Kathy Roberts

Kathy & Ed Roberts

Kathy and Ed are fellow retirees and dance folks. They love to travel and dance the evening away. KAthy worked in the medical profession and Ed always kept his cool.... Yes, he was an air conditioning whizz.

Sam & Brenda Diener

Sam & Brenda

Dancing friends from the Phoenix Club and many other adventures they are computer whizzes.... When they enter the room it lights up.

Guy & Janet Talbott

Guy & Janet Talbott

Starlighter (one of the dance clubs) and active in the Coast Guard. They have been known to like wine and dance until the wee hours.

Holly & Bill Henche

Holly & Bill Henche

Fellow Starlighters and these folks make the world go around... Ask them why! Great adventurers the latest being a dance weekend in Catalina.

Michele & Franklin Adams

Paul & Sue's Daughter and Son-In-Law. They escaped Theo (their four year old) for an afternoonn on the train thanks to Auntie Sheri.

Irene & Herb Silverstein

Herb & Irene

Great friends and loads of fun.... Watch out for Herb and the bottomless Irish Wiskey! Irene has been known to serve and entire platoon of people from her purse! It's indeed magic!

Brian & Jan Finch

Brian and Jan Finch

Brian and Jan for from England and would be happy to share the latest.... Bangers and Mash anyone??

Laura & "AJ" Saam

AJ and Laura Saam

Dancers and fellow cruisers. They are abord ship it seems three months a year going everywhere. We went to Midway Island via Hawaii with them in 2006. Residents of Sun City

Phil and Donna Westermann

Donna and Phil Westermann

We met Donna years ago at Boeing where she was Chief Of Staff on a program. She was supposed to be mean but alas, there is solid sugar underneath.

Mike & Monica Cambioso

Monica is the official "Little Miss Sunshine" always with a smile and a big hug! Mike owns a great restaurant and is here on a data collection mission to find out about wine.

Curt & Jeri McGinty

The McGinty's

Geri payed $5.00 to NOT have us tell how long we have known her. She is with Boeing keeping the bosses on the straight and narrow. She is infolved in Pug Rescue so if you need a baby pug, let her know.

Craig Goll & Marrianne Hanlon

Vraig & MAryanne

Dancing friends who we have know for many years. Fellow Elks who often join us for the Elks activities and other adventures.

John and Sharon Schneider

John Schneider

John is a fellow Boeing employee who enjoys wine and trains... An excellent combination

Larry & Gigi Isham

The Ishams

Larry and Gigi are the current President of the Topper's Dance club. Larry was Exhaulted Ruler of a local Elks Lodge.

Tom & Bunny Burns

Tom and Bunny (often known as Bunnaford) are avid golfers. We play with Bunny a couple of times a week and enjoy the company of two super people.

Frank & June Colaw

Frank was a fellow employee at Boeing and we spent many hours comisorating about "stuff" when we worked together.

Vicky & Del Kuhn

Vicky and Del

Vicky and Del are Paul & Sue's next door neighbors and great friends... We spend many hours and loads of adventures with each other. Del drives a model T and has a 1918 REO for sale... Any takers??

Nick Thomas & Kaye Quick

Nick and Kaye

Nick and Kay are Toppers and dance quite a bit. We have known Nick for 25 years taking many classes with him through our instructor, Carri Fox.

Ernie & John Schulte


Ernie and John are golfers and members of Old Ranch. John is retired but keeps working a bit between golf games and Ernie is a clothing consultant (well, that's what we say anyway)

Lee & Harvey Barachman

Lee and Paul went to High School together and ran into each other on Facebook. Lee and Harvey traveled from Utah to join this festivity!

Kyle Humfeld & Tiffany Humfeld

Kyle worked at Boeing in Seal Beach where we worked together for many years. He is the digital whizzard

Dan & Sharon Knoblock

One must call Dan "Governor Dan" as he took the Old Ranch Governors Cup this year with a magnificent feat of athletic skill

Chuck Catania

Chuck and Sue worked together for years on a Boring program in Seal Beach.

Gislean & Wally Rodeker

Nancy Adamson

Nancy Adamson

Nancy (and Vince who had to work) are great dancing friends who have danced with us every Thursday night for years and years.

Greg Leach

Greg Leach

Greg is Mr. Happy and often a Shakespear substitute unit! Just ask him for a quote!

Pam Reed

Pam worked with us at Boeing for many years and is still there trying to straighten the place out.

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