Who Is Getting Old? Not Me!

I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?'

Aging Just Happens

Aging As you get older, you find that life begins to wear you down. People, experience, time, and events all conspire against you to steal away your energy, to erode your confidence, to make you question things you would not have given a second thought to when you were young.

It happens gradually, a chipping away that you don't notice at first, then one day it's there. You wake up, and you just don't have that fire anymore.

Then you have a choice. You can either give in to what you are feeling, just say okay, enough is enough, and be done with it, or you can fight it.

More On Aging

Aging You can accept that every day you are alive that you are going to have to face it down, that you are going to have to say to yourself that you do not care what you feel, that you do not care what other people think, that it does not matter what happens to you because sooner or later it is going to happen anyway, that you are going to do what you have to because otherwise you are defeated and life does not have any real purpose left.

When you can accept the wearing down and the eroding, then you can do anything.

You just have to get past the fear.