Celebrating Four Years Of Retirement

What better place to celebrate???

We Walked Out Of Boeing Together Four Years Ago (2007) And Never Looked Back

Breakfast at Catal

We arrived at the main gate at noon... It was packed with people today

Clever Disney people... The building was under construction so the cover looked like the building

Disneyland Band

Did You Know? - The Disneyland Band, which has been part of the park since its opening, plays the role of the Town Band on Main Street, U.S.A. It also breaks out into smaller groups like the Main Street Strawhatters, the Hook and Ladder Co., and the Pearly Band in Fantasyland.


The band leader was very happy today

Did You Know? - Drum Majors, the field commanders and band leaders, usually do not wear the regular band uniform, to better distinguish them from the rest of the band. Some wear more formal outfits or costumes that match the theme of the music, or most commonly a differently-designed version of the regular band uniform, often employing different colors (especially white) or features such as capes. Some (especially at the college level) still employ the tall wool-lined shako or much larger bearskin (both often derisively referred to as a "Q-Tip hat").

His grand daughter was there today!!

Neat picture boxes

The castle against the sky was pretty today

Did You Know? - Opened July 17, 1955, the castle is the oldest of all Disney castles. It reaches a height of 77 feet because its cement, plaster, and fiberglass are larger at the foundation and smaller at the turrets. Sometimes swans will swim in the moat, so the WDI workers lined the moat with junipers. Swans won't eat junipers. The castle initially featured an empty upper level that was never intended to house an attraction, but Walt Disney was not satisfied with what he viewed as wasted space, and challenged his Imagineers to find some use for the space.

Beginning April 29, 1957, visitors were able to walk through the castle and view several dioramas depicting the story of Sleeping Beauty. The original dioramas were designed in the style of Eyvind Earle, production designer for Disney's 1959 film Sleeping Beauty, and were then redone in 1977 to resemble the window displays on Main Street, U.S.A.. The walkthrough was closed for unspecified reasons in October 2001; popular belief claims the September 11th attacks and the potential danger that ensued played a major factor in the closing.

Veggies are nowe also planted in Frontier Land

Great show today

The flowers were in full blossom

Over To California Adventure For A While

We went inside to see the show

Grapes are doing well

Carsland is coming along

Did You Know? - By appropriating twelve acres from what's left of Disneyland's original parking lot, DCA will add a new land based on the Pixar film, Cars. (Isn't there something at least a bit ironic there?) The featured attraction will be Radiator Springs Racers. The buzz is that the E-ticket attraction will use a ride system similar to the one at Test Track in Walt Disney World's Epcot. Since that attraction is reminiscent of slot cars, adapting it for a racing ride sounds like a great idea. Look for hairpin turns, banked curves, and plenty of peel-outs. Cars Land will also offer two other, smaller rides based on the film's characters, Luigi and Mater, as well as a Flo's Cafe restaurant. Cars Land will debut in 2012.

Did You Know? - A dark ride featuring the wonderful music and characters from the hit film will be coming to the Paradise Pier area. The rumored $100 million budget should make this a marquee attraction. It will use an Omnimover system and "clammobile" cars that will be similar to the ones found at The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride at Epcot. The attraction is set to debut in 2011.

The Mermaid Ride as seen from the ferris wheel

To Catal For Dinner

Best pork rinds I have ever had

Did You Know? - Pork rind (known in the United Kingdom as pork scratchings, as a room-temperature snack, or crackling, served hot as part of a meal, and in Australia and New Zealand as pork crackle/crackling) is the fried or roasted skin (rind) of a pig. Frying melts most of the fat from the pork rind. Uncooked pork rind may be used as a fishing bait, or cooked with beans or stewed vegetables or in soups. The pork rind may have subcutaneous fat attached; see fatback.

There is some interest in pork rinds as an alternative snack food due to the Atkins diet, since pork rinds contain no carbohydrates (unless flavored). They are high in fat and sodium. The fat content of pork rinds is similar to that of potato chips, but the amount of sodium in a serving of pork rinds is nearly five times that of a serving of potato chips. A major distinction is that the fat in pork rinds primarily originates from the pork, while the fat in chips typically comes from manufactured vegetable oil, with correspondingly different essential fatty acid content.