St. Valentines Day 2022

If you love somebody, let them know!

An Amazaing New Life

It is difficult to believe Sue has been gone two years and I have moved on per her explicit instructions. Mary and I are now man and wife, we have a new home, amazing families, and amazing friends. Life is good! This is our second Valentine's Day together.

An Evening In Paris (Santa Ana Elks)

We went to the Elks with the gang on the  Friday the 11th and it was "An Evening In Paris".  We had a full group, two tables of ten. The music was wonderful albeit a bit loud.  The decoratoins were perfect and the meal was excellent for dancing, not too heavy!

Valentine's dance 2/11/2022
An amazing evening was had by all!

Romance In The Garden

We worked on Sunday and did NOT go dancing; too many drunks on the road for us.  We worked in the garden and cooked  and soaked in the swim spa!

Working in the garden is fun and romantic


Dinner With Friends At Patty's Place 2/14/2022

Join the fun and we had plenty of that!

BTW, Love doesn't make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.