Animated Cat Halloween

That's a monster's favorite bean? A human bean.

Rogers Gardens - First Halloween Activity Of The Season!

Pumpkins everywhere!

Did You Know? - Pumpkins, like other squash, are thought to have originated in North America. The oldest evidence, pumpkin-related seeds dating between 7000 and 5500 BC, were found in Mexico.

Oodles of goodies for your home!

A ghostly Halloween wreath

"I am purple"

The fall colors were brilliant

Come on in!

Wreaths were everywhere

The orchids were cowering in the corner


Did You Know? - There are 206 bones in the adult human skeleton, although this number depends on whether the pelvic bones (the hip bones on each side) are counted as one or three bones on each side (ilium, ischium, and pubis), whether the coccyx or tail bone is counted as one or four separate bones, and does not count the variable wormian bones between skull sutures. Similarly, the sacrum is usually counted as a single bone, rather than five fused vertebrae.

There is also a variable number of small sesamoid bones, commonly found in tendons. The patella or kneecap on each side is an example of a larger sesamoid bone. The patellae are counted in the total, as they are constant.

The number of bones varies between individuals and with age - newborn babies have over 270 bones some of which fuse together.

Can't spill the contents... We tried!

"I am a scary pumpkin!"

Oh Rats!

The decorators do a fantastic job!

It was so hot that time was warped!

Cute little rats!


Changing colors and sparkling!

Skulls galore

They needed to have a shirt like this!



He has been there a long time

The laboratory was quite busy!

They weighed almost nothing!

Come on in and pet the snakes

Happy pumpkins!


Did You Know? - Boo is an onomatopoeic word for a loud, startling sound, as an exclamation intended to scare, or as a call of derision

Indeed it is!

He is keeping his eye on us!

Now this is scary!

They come in all sizes and colors

The entire back of the gardens is under construction -
A new restaurant is to open in Spring!

Looks interesting!

The passion fruit looked healthy

On our way out we took the high road!

Pumpkins all over!

Pumpkins with warts?