Thirteen Years And Things Changed! (2020)

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. ~Abe Lemons

Life Changed

Sue and I were doing well but Sue's health was deteriorating significantly.    We had a wonderful retirement seeing the world and just enjoying life.  In February of 2020 my dear Sue passed on and my world just stopped.

In July a mutual friend suggested I call Dr. Mary Cote and say hello and perhaps dinner. She was working almost full time at the VA and in private practice.

We had dinner July 28th 2020 and were subsequently married July 28th 2021. Life had started again!

Mary retired from the VA after thirty years at Christmas 2020 and from her private practice at Thanksgiving 2021. I am now "training" her to be retired.

Our Wedding
We are learning about retirement and we are doing well!

It Gets Better Every Year!