Saint Patrick's Day 2023

An Irish Saying

Saint Patrick's Day Dinner With Family & Friends!

The tradition continues; this is years number three and everyone was here again!  Bob and Donna, Dianne & David, Robin & Bob, and of course Irene who provided adult supervision.

Page Two - Decorating!

We began by decorating the house including changing the colors on the outside lights with a mere push of a button, dang we like electonics (when they behave).  It is a fun activity and thankgoodness for the website, we can see where everything is supposed to go!

2023 St. Patricks Day decorations

Snakes, not snacks!

Did You Know? - Ireland Never Had Snakes To Drive Out THE MYTH: St. Patrick drove out the snakes from Ireland.

THE REALITY: In all probability, Ireland probably never had snakes to begin with. Before the last Ice Age, Ireland was simply too cold for snakes to survive; then when the glaciers receded, it left the land an island, impossible for snakes to reach. Fossil records from the country corroborate this, as no evidence of snakes has ever been found among the animals living there.

The legend that Patrick stood on an Irish hillside and delivered a thundering sermon that drove the island's serpents into the sea is probably just an allegory for his eradication of pagan ideology – with snakes standing in for the serpents of Druid mythology.

Page Three - Dinner Preparations Started A Day Early

Robin came over on Thursday and we had dinner and worked out in detail; we staged the pots and pans, checked and double checked the ingredients, and prepared the baked and crockpots placing them in the frig overnight.

St PAtricks Day and we have corned beef!
We probably have enough corned beef... for an army!

While the three of us worked, we watched Finians's Rainbow, a late 1960s fun movie.

Page 4 - Dinner Is Served!

We went formal invites to all our kids asking for an RSVP buy the 10th so we know how much corned beef to buy!  Of course we will have David & Dianne, Bob & Donna, and Irene!  There was a St. Patick's Day dinner at the Elks but Mary's various concoctions are far superior!  We stayed home.

2023 St. Patricks' Day dinner collage

Scout, The Wonder Dog, is ready for the celebration!

Scout is ready to celebrate!

Sign-Let's Decorate