Our Visit To The TomatoFest!

A Weekend Visit To Carmel And The Quail Lodge!

It's About Tomatoes!!!

Funny tomato
Tomatoes can be fun!

Sue saw an advertisement in Sunset Magazine for the Tomato Festival and since we grow so many different types of tomatoes, it was a "must go!". 

We did so enjoy the results of our outing!  970 miles of driving was worth it!  We take the Toyota or the F-150 and see the sights on the journey never getting in a hurry!

The first year was so much fun we decided to go on a regular basis and plan to for the foreseeable future.  Besides, we get to visit Diane and Kaye on our adventure plus play golf!

The General Schedule

We leave LA after the traffic and go up the coast stopping for breakfast somewhere.  We hope to see AJ and Laura and then continue up the coast to Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley.  We check in and look for a place to eat after visiting the golf clubhouse and verifying our T-times.

The next day we play golf and then get ready for the pre-festival activities... whatever they are!

Sunday is the festival and afterwards we go on the 26 mile drive and visit the sights stopping a various golf locations.  Back for dinner and a little resting.

Then off to play another round of golf...

The next morning we go to Diane and Pat's home to visit and have dinner and catch up on things.  The next morning we go to Stockton to see Aunt Kaye and Tom and visit.  After lunch we head back for LA in order to miss the traffic and we are usually back by 9:00 pm!


Please see the "TomatoFest Movie".  It is about 25MB in size, 11 minutes long but provides a quick overview of the trip!

For the 2007 season the "TomatoFest had over 500 varieties of (CCOF) certified organic heirloom tomato seeds. They selected, grew and harvested 350+  heirloom tomato seeds at TomatoFest┬« Farm, by hand, to bring you the world's best tasting heirloom tomato varieties.


For 2008 there were some minor changes such as taking a leisurely drive off the major highways, having the Tomato Ball being changed to a visit to a local mansion overlooking Pebble Beach where we met other tomato lovers.  We are going a day early so we have time to go to the Monterey Aquarium on Saturday morning.  We are staying on the golf course in a suite with a spa and a view of the fifth hole and associated fairways!  We are going to Big Sur and take the 17 mile drive again. Then we visit Diane and Aunt Kaye. It should be a relaxing week away from the hustle and bustle of retirement!


Heirloom tomatoAmana Orange

Heirloom tomatoBlack Krim

Heirloom tomatoCarol Chykoe's Big Paste

Heirloom tomatoGrandma Oliver's Green

Heirloom tomatoHeart Of Compassion

Heirloom tomatoVintage Wine