Our Visit To The TomatoFest!

A Weekend Visit To Carmel And The Quail Lodge!

The Real Plan Was Golf.... After All???

It just so happened that the Quail Lodge has a golf course (image that???).  So we took advantage of the situation and played 18 holes on Saturday morning before the "Hot Tomato Dance" scheduled that evening!  We were joined by Rich and Cecelia of San Francisco!

It All Starts At Edgar's   One Hour To Go!
We had a T-Time of 11:16 so we arrived an hour early to warm up!

Driving Range   Time Is Getting Close
The T-Time is approaching... Think calm thoughts!

First Hole   The Bite

Keeping Score   Brave People, Plate Glass At The End!

Rich Does The Second Hole   Yes, It IS UP Hill!!!
We played with Rich and Cecelia from San Francisco.  Rich runs a company that teaches people to sail and Cecelia runs an Electrical Contracting Company specializing the design for small businesses.  We had a fun afternoon!

Follow The Rules, Stupid!   Sue And Cecelia Drive Up The Hill!
Don't you just love it??  On this hole, if you didn't make the top be prepared for it to roll 30 yards back down!

What Went Up Must Go Down   A Long Ways!

Water All Over   Sue At Bat

Water Was Bueatiful   Tomato Fest Was At The 6th Hole

Entrance To The Meadows   Paul Did NOT Hit The Water; A Neighbor's Backyard Maybe!
These gates opened on to Quail Meadow where the Tomato Fest was held on Sunday!

Crossing The Street   Indeed In A VAlley

Getting Ready   Right Between The Houses!

7th Was In The Neighborhood   No One Home!

Great Grounds   Green Everywhere!
We were right amongst the homes.... It was surprising not to hear more breaking glass!

Well Placed Bunkers   They Reach Out And Grab The Ball!

Dog Leg Left Into The Clubhouse   Where Did That Ball Go???

The Final Lunge   Fat Boy

Sue Is Ahead (Duh????) Off To The Back Nine!

The back nine is behind the clubhouse and is truly in a ravine.  It runs along a Carmel area occasional river.

Flowers Reduce The Pain   Smiling Again!

Valley?  Yes!   Under The Bridge To Get To The 10th

Long Fairways   Carmel River Flows Through The Center!It's California in summer, what do you expect?

Going Back   One Cart At A Time
Yes Cecelia, you can have more than one cart at a time on the bridge!  He he he!

Green Grass   Brown Mountains

Swinger   Hotel Suites

Water Sneaks Up On You   Sue And Cecelia Find A Turtle On The Rock
Turtle scaring!

Scenary Was Nice   Go Get It Cecelia

Holes Keep Getting Longer   By Now Paul Can Smell The Bar!

Bunkers Everywhere   Rich And Cecelia Scope The Hole!

Long Three-Pars   And If You Miss, It's Drinkie Time!

18 Is A Mile Long!   355 Yards!
We has a long game!  11:16 start!

4:25 End Time!   What Does He Know???

Nice Legs   I Do Not See Him

Edgar's For A Drink!   Fall Is Here!
One more stop at Edgar's.  Fall is indeed coming as evidenced by the trees!

To The Room To Change For The Next Event; Hot Tomato Dance!

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