Sue, The Light In Paul's Life!

She is Perfection After 64 Years On This Planet

Sue's Birthday Month Begins

We start celebrating July 5th and the celebrations continue all month!

July 2nd - Water-Taxi

July 3rd - Pre-4th Fireworks at Malarkey's

July 4th - Celebration At Old Ranch

July 5th - Temecula and Himalayian Grill

July 6th - Taverna Tony's and Malarkey's (Jon heads home)

July 7th - Resting And Eating Corn!

July 8th - Sherman Gardens

July 9th - Laguna Canyon Art Festivals

July 10th - Catalina and Rondeliers

July 11th - GG Elks

July 12th - Old Ranch Coiuntry Club Dinner (No Pictures)

July 13th - Huntington Library & Malarkeys

July 14th - Golf and dinner with Miss Lilly

July 17th - Catal For Dinner

July 18th - OC Fair & Starlighters

July 19th - Jam Session

July 20th - Malarkeys

July 21st - Old Guys

July 22nd - Minions and Dinner At Patty's

July 24th - GG Elks

July 25th - GG Elks

July 26th - Bowers Museum

August 1st - Wine Train