Sue, Lover Of Animals

She is Perfection!

Sue Loves The Babies In The Petting Zoo

Did You Know? - A petting zoo (often called, or part of, a "children's zoo") features a combination of domesticed animals and some wild species that are docile enough to touch and feed. In addition to independent petting zoos, also called children's farms or petting farms, many general zoos contain a petting zoo. Some petting zoos can be found in city parks, and some petting zoos are also mobile and will travel to a home for a children's party or event. Many areas have a qualified mobile petting zoo.

Most petting zoos are designed to provide only relatively placid, herbivorous domesticated animals, such as sheep, goats, rabbits, or ponies, to safely feed and physically interact with. This is in contrast to the usual zoo experience, where normally wild animals are viewed from behind safe enclosures where no contact is possible. A few provide wild species (such as pythons or baby big cats) to interact with, but these are rare and usually found outside of Western nations.