The Porter's

From Saratoga, California

Sue's Sister Diane Has A Super Family!

Diane and Pat At Christmas Diane and Pat have two beautiful daughter's. Hannah and Lisa. Diane is a teacher and Pat works in high tech!

We visit each other at least twice a year and sometimes more. Now that we are retired, hopefully more!  It's about a six-seven hour drive. You will see some of our adventures as the pages unfold.

Hannah and Lisa are excellent students. See their pre-gradutaion from college and high-school pictures April 2013.

Pat turns 60 in 2014 .

Hannah is into photography and is a Photoshop Wizard.  Lisa plays the bass and it quite musical.

Where Do They Live?

Saratoga Banner Saratoga is an upper-class bedroom community in the southwestern corner of the Santa Clara Valley. Saratoga also has many antique shops, French restaurants, and European-themed bakeries. Well-known vineyards in the Saratoga foothills include the Garrod Estate Vineyards and the Mountain Vineyard, both of which were founded in the 1800s.

In July of 2005, CNN/Money and Money magazine named Saratoga the twenty sixth-best place to live in the United States. It is locally known for its affluence, vineyards, and excellent school system. In 2005, the median home price in Saratoga was $1.35 million. Saratoga's zip code (95070) is listed on the Forbes List as the 42nd most expensive zip code in 2006.

Der Varmints A Few Years Back...

HAnnah and Lisa Hannah Lisa

Adventures and Visits

We have gone to Catalina IslandHannah and Lisa visit Disneyland in April 2004.  We decided to take the girls on a trial cruise in case we need to go for an expended duration.  Hannah, Lisa, Sue and Paul went to Mexico in 2005 .  Of course there is Christmas 2006 .

Diane And Pat