The Orange County Fair 2014 

Our Yearly Visit To Fun, Education, and Food!

The Fair Is Over For 2014 But We Came Anyway 8/10/2014 (Page Five)

It was horrible seeing this at 10 am

Last night was the demolition derby

We were first on the skyway today

Never knew they were different colors because of people sitting at the tables

The place was empty at 10:10 am

Poor pigs...

Can't get pickeled at 10am.... Oh, maybe so

The ampitheater is getting a major face lift

Coming in for a landing

Me too!

While Sue petted the chicks, Paul played with the bunnies

Sue protects the chicks.... Warm hands... HAppy chicks

Sue is my chick

Wow... Did you know that?

"Hey... quit squeezing me!"

"Where is my other ear?"

Yummy Yummy

Sue needed her Ten Pound Bun fix

Goes perfect with wine... But so does everything!

Loved the sign

On our way home


The wheel goes 1000 feet into the sky (OK, only 130 feet)

Sue is smiling because Paul is petrified

See you next year