Orange Country Fair 2007

Theme: Cowabunga

Orange Country Fair 2007 Summary (Page One)

The Orange County Fair has been an annual event for over 100 years (since 1890).As with every year since the late 1980's, we are off to the fair for an afternoon (or more) of walking, watching, looking, and having fun!  The Orange County Fair is at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds which is about 20 minutes from our home in Seal Beach, California!

We always go opening day even though the crowds are getting bigger and bigger.  This year, 21,000 people went through the turnstiles in the first one hour of operation (entrance was free from noon until 1:00PM).

After opening day, we go several times with family and friends.  We visited Colleen and her family first and plan a visit with Dave McTevia and Kat Robinson during the week!

Pleas join us via a few snapshots we took during the visits! Opening Day and a visit with Colleen, Mark, Jonathan, Cassie and Jacquie

An American Tradition
A Tradition Since 1987


Cowabunga, The Theme For 2007

Cowabunga Cowabunga is a slang word in 1960s surfer culture, used as an expression of exhilaration when riding the waves. The word evolved from "kawabonga'" a word used by the character Chief Thunderthud on the United States children's television program Howdy Doody in the 1950s. "Kawagoopa" was an all-purpose exclamation of the Tinka Tonka Indians, the fictitious tribe of Princess Summerfall Winterspring and Chief Featherman, and "kawabonga" was the equivalent exclamation of Chief Thunderthud, who was of the Ooragnak Tribe. By the 1960s, surfers who had grown up watching Howdy Doody adopted it for surfing use, turning it to "Cowabunga."

A Few Changes Here And There...

The Fairgrounds 2007