The Orange County Fair 2011  

Theme: Let's Eat

OC Fair 2011 Overview... (Page One)

At The Fair

A fair is a gathering of people to display or trade produce or other goods, to parade or display animals and often to enjoy associated carnival or funfair entertainment. Activities at fairs vary widely. Some are important showcases for businessmen in agricultural, pastoral or horticultural districts because they present opportunities to display and demonstrate the latest machinery on the market.

Fairs are also known by many different names around the world, such as agricultural show, carnival, fete or fête, county or state fair, festival, market and show, etc. Flea markets are sometimes incorporated into a fair.

Off to the fair... The Orange County Fair... Every year we go several times and visit the fair, ride the rides, learn something new and have a great time.  Come join us through some previous years pictures.  We have been doing this since 1987 and digitally since 2003.  Click the appropriate picture!

2011 Memories In A Few Pictures

He can smell us city slickers a mile away


Visit #1 July 21st With ThunderBob

Bob Duda is the drummer for the Aeromyth Tribute Band

Thunder Bob in action


Visit #2 7/23/2011 Sue And Paul Walk The Fair

7/23 visit with the chicks

Leon and Marcia have a side business


Visit #3 8/10/2011 We Met Up With The Duda's, Kuhn's And Roberts

Kathy and Ed Roberts

Just us

Nick, Robin, and Bob

Sweet Sue

The night is coming and we are going until next year