Orange Country Fair 2007 Opening Day

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ... - Louis Hector Berlioz

Opening Day July 13th 2007 (Page Two)

Farm Map
Lots of ground to cover today

Centennial Farm is a great way to start the day... Everything is so green and ready to show. We walked the farm for almost an hour admiring the nice way it is put together!

Four Acres of educational opportunities in raised beds making it easy for old folks to see what is going on! Centennial Farm is a 4-acre working farm at the Orange County Fair & Exposition Center. Created to educate youth about Orange County's agricultural heritage, the Farm is home to fruit and vegetable gardens, livestock, and Millennium Barn. Kids and adults can view pigs, peacocks, cows, honey bees and more while strolling though gardens of lush vegetation.

  The Wabbit

Green Beans

Red Runners

  Miss Piggy About To Have Babies

Ampitheater Is On The Fairgrounds

Sue Loves The Flowr Displays

  Colors Are Amazing

Gotta ride the overheads!

The Sky Was Beautiful

  The Fairway Was Wide Open On The First Day... For About An Hour!

Not Too Crowded

A Big Blue Friends

   Main Grate

The Main Stage Is Now Gone!

Long May She Wave!

   Watching Over The Fairgrounds

More And More Rides

Shady Spots Keep The Beer Cold

   She Got Me On It!

Getting Closer

Rides Are In Good Condition

   We Are Doing What???

I'm Barely Smiling

She Knows What She Did!

   Ten Miles Up!

Catalina Island 30 Miles Away

Palos Verdes And Boeing Buildings

   Too Bad People Deface The Rides

Brings A Smile To Her Face

Up Up Up!

   A Lot Of Steel


Lammy Pie!

   Pot Bellies

Baby Barn

Mammy Watches Her Baby

   Sleepy Bye

Big Bunnies


   I'm Watching

Wine!  Let's Drink!


   Natural Colors

The Machine

Still Wiggle Room

   Boys Choir

Roo And Kidlett

He's Watching

   Funny Noises



   Tabe Settings

Natural Colors (No Flash)

Food Through A Glass

   Table Settings


Let's Have Lobster


Coke From Around The World

Hallicrafters S38-E

   Fine Arts (See The DeLara's)

Mike And Margie

Mike Is Up To Something!