Pete and Lisa Chartier 2003Peter Is In Thge News

“Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.” - Ronald Reagan

Newspaper Article From Pete's Dad!

Danielson, Ct. 06239

Iraq........ and now the other side of the story!

Al Taqaddum Iraq..... for the next seven months, the "Purple Foxes" a medivac unit of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 (HMM 364), consisting of CH-46E Sea Knight transport helicopters have started their fourth deployment.

Locale Killingly resident and 1989 graduate of Killingly high school, where he excelled in football and wrestling, is one of the many Marines there. Known in the Marine Corps as Gunny Sergeant Chartier, Peter J, is a logistic specialist.

The Fox- Omen or.....

March 20th Thursday into the 21st Friday ( Holy Thursday night into Good Friday morning ) Cpl Robert R Caudill ( TQ HMM 364 ORD) goes to his bird to get it ready for the nights mission. After checking out the exterior of the helicopter, he opens the copters door to climb in, startled by something on the seat, he steps back to refocus. Slowly he takes his cell phone camera out of his pocket and takes a picture of a fox! Five years this unit has been going to this base and in all that time there has never been an animal of any kind in any of the planes or ground transport vehicles. Omen or ...... you decide.

March 23rd-Easter Sunday.... Pete surprises his unit with an Easter dinner of Ham-Turkey-Steak-two Easter cakes and a case of 48 chocolate Easter bunnies with all the trimmings. Pete's commander said to him ( Gunny Sergeant Chartier where did you get all this food?) Just call me Radar Sir... just call me Radar ....Pete reply's.

The HMM-364 "Purple Foxes" save lives of our ground troops and Iraqi people and Logistical Support for the Marine Corps Humanitarian Aid work underway on the behalf of the Iraqi people. The "Red Dragons" where just relieved and are the sister company. Both are stationed in Camp Pendleton California. The day time temperature now is 100 degrees.

Pete wanted me to tell all the people , companies and organization's thank you...thank you for all of the donations of toiletries and sundries you have donated to them. Every time the men and women walk by the bins of these items they say thank you.

A proud father of a United States Marine, Ralph Chartier