Pete and Lisa Chartier 2003 About Gunnery Sergeant Peter J. Chartier

“Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.” - Ronald Reagan

What About Pete??

We (Paul and Sue) met Pete a long time ago now... It was about the time  our daughter, Colleen, announced she was going to get married.  Having a Marine in the family, that ought to be nice.  Turned out I was quite correct! Pete is a Marine and a damned good one?

Yes it was, they were married and Pete's family came to California to be in the wedding! They turned out to be first class folks... good proof of how kids turn out when the family is soil of the earth!

Ralph and Alyce and Pete's other two brothers have become good friends who we talk to every few weeks!

Long deployment's are terrible on families as we found out.  After Pete returned from a one-year stay in the orient, Colleen decided to get a divorce and left him.

Although Pete and Colleen divorced, Pete is still the father of the grandchildren and has done nothing to cause us to want him to leave the family.

Colleen has moved on and is living locally with a new husband, Pete has recently moved on and after several years remarried.

Pete loves the kids and sees them whenever he can.  Visitation has been a serious problem; too bad children are used as pawn's in a divorce.

Some ask why we have relationship with Pete?  It is easy, he is the father of our grandchildren and he is a good man and friend. Pete will always be part of our family.

Paul & Sue Liles