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March 29th 2013 And Time To Play Golf

Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

Off We Go For An Afternoon Of Golf...

The master makes an approach shot
The Hawthorns are beautiful

Did You Know? - Indian Hawthorn is a mainstay horticultural specimen in southern United States. It is often found in commercial as well as in private landscapes. Often it is trimmed into small compact hedges or balls for foundation plants. It has been successfully pruned into a standard form as well as small dwarf-like trees up to 15 feet in height.

Sue launches teh ball into the wild blue tonder

We sometimes call him "Dusty"

We were entertained by a C-130 lumbering of the course

Those crazy ducks

Yummy so they say

Did You Know? - It seems that nobody really knows yet why ducks swim in circles.
However, observing their behavior lead me to believe that ducks swim in groups and in circle in order to agitate the water beneath and bring up closer to the surface the algae and plants that they feed from.

Typically, Shovelers feed while swimming, the large bill immersed just below the surface. Often, feeding Shovelers will form a line, the bill of each duck in the water, immediately behind the bird in front. Alternatively, feeding flocks may form dense rafts of ducks circling in a pinwheel formation.

We find beauty everywhere

Time for wine