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Wild Weather At Old Ranch Country Club

Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

April 25th 2010 And We Knew A Storm Was Coming

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The day began at El Dorado for our golf lesson

Our pro was happy as usual

The clouds were staring to form!

We Enjoyed A Great Luch With James & Linda Before Going Out

Bunnaford tees off On #1

James clobbers the ball on #2

The weather station is not going to believe what is coming

The birds know what is coming

Bunny on #3

Sue assists with distance readings

Watchng for lunch

On #5 the babies follow us

Sue talks to them and tells them to go away

On #6 we have a pole-sitter

The ducks provide advice

James (Sandy) moves the sand around on #8

The Bunny thought it was funny

If I look at you then you can't see me!

I will turn on my magic eye

Mama duck is watching out for the babies

Moma Moma... Can we eat now??

They were brave and jumped up on the bank

"Thank you mama"

The skies are looking angry

James is looking angry.... Maybe he is a sky?

Page 1 - Calm Before The Storm | Page 2 - What In The World?