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Old Ranch Country Club Has Lots Of Wildlife

Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

The Wildlife At Old Ranch Is Sometimes Animal And Not Just Human!

Old Ranch is full of critter's that roam the greens and provide entertainment to the players.  They enjoy the great water hazards and the deep lush foliage around the course.  They come and go during the year with only the seagulls, sparrows, and coyotes taking up permanent residence.We are talking outdoor mostly here.  Please visit our menagerie.

Visit Them In Detail Below...

Flying Fish   Ducks   Unique wildlife of Old Ranch   Unique wildlife  
A small selection of the little guys that frequent Old Ranch

We Have Wondeful Plant Life Also...

Old Ranch is beautifully maintained by a fantastic grounds keeping staff. Please enjoy some snapshots of the spring flowers . Richard Swinhart is our Course Superintendent and he does an outstanding job making the course beautiful year around!

On A Typical Day

Charlotte, Sue, and Paul take to the fairways thinking "just another normal day"... We were mistaken, we saw turtles, pelicans, red-tails up close, and feathered friends the ducks and geese. Visit the critters!

Meet Sue's Geese